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Ehrhardt Estates Winery, LLC

In 1880, at the young age of 17, John N. Herzog immigrated to America from Germany to escape to the land of opportunity. After being processed at Ellis Island, he worked his way across the country with only dreams in his pocket. John arrived in California

Mettler Family Vineyards

We have been growing premium wine grapes in the Lodi appellation for five generations. We were one of the very first farming families to introduce French clones to our region, and have experience growing many varieties of grapes.

Benson Ferry Vineyards

Situated in the heart of California at the confluence of the Mokelumne and Cosumnes Rivers, Benson Ferry celebrates a rich farming heritage.

Miramont Estate Vineyards

Miramont Estate Vineyards' Celestial wines celebrate the spirit of turning dreams into reality and creating a little slice of heaven on earth. Brimming with a fragrant bouquet and rich, full-bodied flavor, our Celestial wines are simply heavenly!

Housley's Century Oak Winery

Like most successful wine families, the Housley's began in the industry working the soil. Our Chardonnay grapes just outside Napa Valley's Stag Leap District received high marks and provided high quality fruit to several wineries.

Engelmann Cellars

Engelmann Cellars produces premium quality wines, from local grapes that are hand processed in our boutique winery located in the beautiful vineyards of fresno countryside.

Cacciatore Fine Wines ( Olive Oil)

The Cacciatore Fine Wines and Olive Oil Corporation is one of a large family of corporations, operating principally in the agro-food industry, which are wholly owned and operated by the Cacciatore family.

Accardi Vineyards

Accardi Vineyards is a family owned operation, where Mr. Accardi is in charge of producing the wines, along with his family members and staff

Delicato Vineyards

Our popular and award-winning Delicato Family Vineyards wines are made with an emphasis on concentrated varietal fruit expression.
Results 51 - 61 of 62
The Central Valley is a large, flat valley that dominates the central portion of California. Spanning from the Cascade Range in the north to the Tehachapi Mountains in the south and from Sierra Nevada in the east to the Coast Ranges and San Francisco Bay in the west.

The wineries of Central Valley produce the majority of California's wine; however, few producers use the AVA on their label due to the perception that Central Valley wine is mainly mass produced cheap wine. There are a number of wineries and regions that are challenging this perception.