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Echelon Vineyards

Red wine-focused winery, concentrating on vineyards in the Central Coast and Clarksburg appellations.

Ehrhardt Estates Winery, LLC

In 1880, at the young age of 17, John N. Herzog immigrated to America from Germany to escape to the land of opportunity. After being processed at Ellis Island, he worked his way across the country with only dreams in his pocket. John arrived in California

Santa Barbara Winery

Santa Barbara's oldest Winery producing wines since 1962. Located in Downtown Santa Barbara two blocks from the beach. Sample its award winning Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Syrah.

Salunis Winery

Salunis Winery specializes in luxury boutique Pinot Noir wine production from California's most notable vineyards.
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Anderson's Conn Valley Vineyards

Producer of fine wines for more than 20 years, Anderson's Conn Valley Vineyards specializes in Bordeaux style wines that are drinkable at an early age, and yet age for 15-20 years.

La Belle Winery

We have now opened La Belle Winery. The new bonded winery, located along the foothills of Terra Bella, is a boutique wine making facility.
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Paint Horse Winery

There are two distinct and compelling passions in our lives-Wine and Paint Horses. Both have a long and distinguished history in California.

Harrington Wine

These wines were produced in an artisinal manner in which all production decisions, the majority of labor performed and the ownership of the means of production are under the control of one person.

Hahn Familyl Wines

Hahn Family Wines include Cycles Gladiator,Copa del Rey, Hahn Winery, Hahn SLH Estate, Huntington Wines, Lucienne, Smith & Hook and Bin 36.
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Results 721 - 731 of 1,756
The Golden State is home to so many wineries and vines, mostly vinifera, that it produces over 90% of wine made in the United States. California is the most important wine producer in the world outside of Europe.

The geography of California presents a tremendous amount of variety. A vineyards potential in California is not particularily linked to latitude but is mainly determined by what lies between it and the Pacific. The more mountains there are between the vineyard and the Pacific the less likely that the moderating sea air and fog will reach the site .

There are over 100 AVA's in California. One of the most common AVAs, North Coast includes Napa Valley, Sonoma and Mendocino. Some Californian AVAs affect only one or two wineries.