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Cocetti Wines

One of the most distinctive characters of Cocetti Wines has always been the label and its meaning. A delicate design with a chapel in the center is dedicated to the family heritage of winemaking.

Primus Vineyards

Primus Vineyards is located high in the Sierra Foothills in an area known as "Apple Hill." Our main building was once the original apple stand where local legend Marilyn Thomas first started baking her pies which transformed the area into Apple Hill.

Pellegrini Winery Vineyard

Located in Cutchogue, the sunniest town in New York State, with climate and annual rainfall parallel to Bordeaux, France, we are graced with a 220 day growing season.

Ponderosa Valley Vineyard and Winery

Nestled in the scenic Ponderosa Valley on the southern slopes of the beautiful Jemez Mountains. we are the largest Riesling Vineyards in New Mexico. From these vineyards we specialize in hand crafting estate bottled Riesling wines.

Opolo Vineyards

Our specialities include big mountain Zinfandels, classic Zinfandels, full bodies Pinot Noirs, Merlots, and Syrahs, as well as an 'easy going' Sangiovese.

Gray Ghost Vineyards

Gray Ghost, a family owned and operated winery, is putting Virginia on the international wine map by producing internationally acclaimed wines from immaculate vineyards.

Ramian Estate

We produce small quantities of balanced and age-worthy wines. Now in our seventh year, and having been historically sold out through traditional channels, we are for the first time, offering our wines directly to our customers.

Riboli Family Wine Estates

Produces several brands in different regions of the state, including the historic San Antonio Winery in Los Angeles.

Cygnus Wine Cellars

Cygnus Wine Cellars is fortunate to have such a diverse growing region from which to select winegrapes. We obtain grapes from all four Winegrowing Regions in Maryland.
Results 501 - 511 of 3,015
Wine is currently produced in each of the fifty states of USA. The United States is the worlds most important producer outside of Europe. California leads the way in production volume followed by Washington State, Oregon and then New York. The United States is one of the largest wine producing nations in the world. Currently fourth after France, Italy, and Spain. North America is home to several native species of vines and grapes, including Vitis labrusca, Vitis riparia, Vitis vulpina, Vitis amurensis and Vitis rotundifolia, but it was the introduction of European Vitis vinifera vines by European settlers that led to the growth of the modern day wine making industry.