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Continuum Estate

Founded in 2005 by Tim and Marcia Mondavi and their families, Continuum Estate is the result of four generations in wine committed to carrying on the Mondavi family's proud legacy.
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Hollywood Hill Vineyards

We started our family-owned winery in Woodinville, WA with a vision to produce small lots of elegant, balanced wines.
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J. Wilkes

Our promise to you is that J. Wilkes will always produce small, handcrafted lots of the finest grapes into wines of distinction. By sourcing grapes from carefully selected sites and then using a combination of modern and traditional winemaking techniques.

Solaris Winery

Tantalize your taste buds with some unique pairings with Solaris wines. We put together some interesting bites that are our favorites and we think you will enjoy them as well.

Eagle Rock Winery

Eagle Rock Winery provides an extensive list of quality wines and wine accessories. The beautiful location in the heart of the Endless Mountains provides areas for outside and inside entertaining. The facilities are used for meetings, weddings, parties, etc

Cristom Vineyards

Our 65-acre estate in the Eola Hills of Oregon's Willamette Valley offers a long growing season, mild climate, warm winds and ancient volcanic soils that make it ideally suited to grow Pinot Noir and other traditional French varietals.

Match Vineyards

Match Vineyards is a small, family-owned winery making Cabernet Sauvignon from our own two hillside vineyards in the Napa Valley.

Schuetz Randall/Fourwater Green

This is the official website for Eden Stuart/SO Zin Winery and other Schuetz wines of yore. Beware of imitations, bootleg SO information and the bad little pork chop from hell.

Charles Krug

Charles Krug Winery are the keystone of Napa Valley's first winery. Charles Krug Winery and produce wines that reflect the newest techniques in grape growing and winemaking.

Cygnus Wine Cellars

Cygnus Wine Cellars is fortunate to have such a diverse growing region from which to select winegrapes. We obtain grapes from all four Winegrowing Regions in Maryland.
Results 261 - 271 of 3,015
Wine is currently produced in each of the fifty states of USA. The United States is the worlds most important producer outside of Europe. California leads the way in production volume followed by Washington State, Oregon and then New York. The United States is one of the largest wine producing nations in the world. Currently fourth after France, Italy, and Spain. North America is home to several native species of vines and grapes, including Vitis labrusca, Vitis riparia, Vitis vulpina, Vitis amurensis and Vitis rotundifolia, but it was the introduction of European Vitis vinifera vines by European settlers that led to the growth of the modern day wine making industry.