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Chateau Pomije Restaurant & Winery

Chateau Pomije's restaurant and winery is one of the finest in Southeast Indiana. Chateau Pomije only picks the freshest grapes from our own vineyard. Purchase one of our estate grown premium winesat our vineyard or online.

Carousel Winery

We have six acres and picnic tables for you to enjoy. We have sample rows of French American hybrid grapes at the winery, the same varieties are at the farm vineyard.

Satek Winery

Tours are available on weekends as needed. We will give tours during the week if we are not working in the production area. Otherwise, you may watch us do bottling, labeling, or our tasks through the windows to the production room.

Lanthier Winery

Tour Madison Indiana's favorite attractions, learn more about Madison Indiana wineries, Madison festivals, events and getaways. Visit Lanthier Winery for a taste of handcrafted, award winning Indiana wines.
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The Indiana Wine Grape Council

The age-old art of winemaking is transformed into a casual event with a relaxed Hoosier style. Indiana Wineries offer a wonderful opportunity for a weekend excursion with family, friends or a loved one.

Ferrin's Fruit Winery

Located in the quaint, old-town Arts & Design District of Carmel Indiana, Ferrin's Fruit Winery opened soon after the dawn of the new millennium. David and MaryAnn Ferrin offer a selection of exquisite fruit wines.

Easley Winery

Opening in 1974, Easley Winery is the oldest family owned winery in the state of Indiana. Depending on the year and season, Easley offers up to about 25 different wines. The winery is located in downtown Indianapolis,

Butler Winery and Vineyards

Butler Winery, established in 1983, is the fourth oldest operating winery in Indiana. The winery and vineyard are located just 10 minutes from the NE side of Bloomington.

Whyte Horse Winery

The charming lake resort community of Monticello, Indiana, is where you will find Whyte Horse Winery. With a tasting room set in a renovated 1886 farmhouse decorated with elegant wood and antiques and a modern processing and banquet facility.
Results 1 - 11 of 29